90th Birthday of Shriner's Hospital in Chicago

On Sunday, June 5th, the Medinah Clowns helped Shriner's Hospital in Chicago celebrate it's 90th birthday! Click on any image to see it full size.

North Riverside Easter Egg Hunt

On March 26th, O'Doc, Z-Bo, Judgie, Giggles and Jaymus appeared at the North Riverside Community Center for their annual easter egg hunt. Click here for more photos.

A Fireside Chat with "Popcorn"

In June of 2015, our Popcorn the Clown was admitted to the hospital, where the doctors discovered a 95% blockage in an artery. The doctors inserted a 2” stint and Popcorn began his cardio rehabilitation. The question is; what does a clown do when he is hit with a serious ailment such as what Popcorn experienced? The answer is, entertain the therapists, of course! Below is an account of the events as given by Popcorn.

On September 2nd I wanted to go to the Shrine Hospital to visit the kids. In the morning I had to go to my Cardiac Rehab, which was at 8:00 AM. So with the Rehabs permission, I went that morning as Popcorn. I handed out some little Bead Dogs, had some laughs, and did my exercises. On the same floor as my Rehab was a Senior Care Center. this is for people who need to be watched over. I was asked to visit them, so I went to my car, and got out my bag of toys that I was taking to Shriners. I visited them for 30 minutes. Talking to them, and handing out my gifts. I then went to see the kids, and had a great time with them as always. I plan to visit them all every 2 weeks for at least as long as my Rehab goes on. Attached is a picture of me working out at the Rehab. Popcorn

Why Be A Medinah Clown?

As clowns, we share the same goals as every other Shrine unit, mainly; to have fun, build camaraderie, generate awareness and interest in the Shrine and Freemasonry and promote our great philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children. What then, makes clowns different than any other special interest group in the Shrine that would encourage you to join us? Read More

Puppets Are People, Too

by Mulligan

I had been clowning and performing for children for ten years before Beth and I were married. Beth’s background was in early childhood education and as she loved children, it was only natural that my solo act became our duet. Beth tried clowning a few times, but didn’t particularly care for it. Then one day we were at a fair and she saw a shop selling hand puppets. She came home with a wizard and a dragon, we built a portable puppet theater out of PVC tube and material and everything fell into place. We became a clown and puppet theater, combining puppetry, magic, juggling and balloons. Every year after that, our entourage of puppets grew. Read More

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